SCAS Students Excel in Australian Geography Competition

Earlier this year Geography students tested their geographical skills and knowledge against more than 65,000 students from all around Australia in the 2020 Australian Geography Competition. The School has recently received the results and we are very pleased with how our students have performed.

We have a number of students who performed to a very high level in the competition, and would like to acknowledge the following students:

High Distinction Tobias Chapman (Year 11)
High Distinction Andre Pelser (Year 11)
High Distinction Ella Hosemans (Year 11)
High Distinction Benjamin Fitzpatrick (Year 10)
High Distinction Jake Murnain (Year 10)
High Distinction Laura Reynolds (Year 10)
Distinction Luke Aguilar (Year 10)
Distinction Isaiah Chandler (Year 10)
Distinction Jazmin Worthing (Year 10)
Credit Ivy Moore (Year 12)
Credit Molly Moore (Year 12)
Credit Max Bylsma (Year 11)
Credit Tom Crofts (Year 11)
Credit Kiera Johnson (Year 10)
Credit Noah Pagotto (Year 10)
Credit Chelsea Taylor (Year 10)
Credit Halle Tree (Year 10)
Credit Rob Wells (Year 10)

It has been a challenging year for schools with the pandemic, so we were very happy to still be able to to give our students the opportunity to test themselves against students from all around Australia. Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the competition, and also to the Geography team in the HSIE Faculty. 

Mr Daniel Kelly
HSIE Coordinator

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