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SCAS Vocal Showcases a success

The two sold-out Vocal Showcases were a joyful, celebratory affair. The massive senior choir (115 voices) shook the foundations with their renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody, Man Shed sang about the challenges of puberty and celebrity, Iintombi Waded in the Water and sent Sylvie off to get some more, Chamber Choir was sublime, soloists outstanding and the Primary choir delightful.

The evenings finished with a rousing African protest song U Tati Kuma which translates as You Reap what you Sow. The vocal program has sown a passion for music.

We’ve received some wonderful feedback from the performances:

  • It was outstanding! Thank you for these opportunities for our kids – I am the biggest fan especially of the African song!!!! Both my boys loved seeing Man Shed sing about puberty! Brilliant vocal showcase
  • It was another spectacular success for our students (over 160 involved).
  • The quality and preparation of the performances was outstanding and is a credit to all involved – from the conductors, to the techs, admin, marketing and general support from all staff.
  • Please join me in congratulating the students as they cross your path. Their efforts were truly excellent.
  • Thanks so much for such a fabulous night. I loved every second and my kids were on a complete high when they got home.
  • As someone who has no idea about anything musical, the talent you have fostered to create that fantastic product is truly incredible.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody was especially spectacular!!!
  • A lovely evening of music and song in the Chapel last night.
  • Thank you to everyone involved.
  • Congratulations on a wonderful performance tonight. It is testament to the great support our kids get at SCAS through the vocal program.  I am looking forward to watching again tomorrow night.
  • The soloists were great. The singers in all the choirs were so vibrant and energetic as well as all sounding so amazing. You could clearly tell how they loved what they were doing and how much fun they were having.
  • It was amazing as usual tonight. We are so blessed that our kids go to a school where there is such a high standard of beautiful music. They will never forget this time and the impact you’ve had on their lives.
  • Such a delight to see smiling students with eyes glued to the conductor and wide open mouths.
  • It was very jolly to sing the African song; African songs always sound joyful!
  • The Ground by Ola Gjeilo was very beautiful!
  • Kudos to you and all the kids and teachers. Had me laughing and had me crying. Fantastic evening!
  • THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I loved every moment of the show…. it was absolutely amazing!
  • I’m so absolutely stoked to be a part of this amazing choir; I just listened to a recording of Bohemian Rhapsody… We all sound so unbelievably fantastic together!! Thanks so much to Marie Van Gend for being the fantastic person you are, and the rest of the choir leaders and captains… You guys are amazing. And to the bulk of the choir: YOU GUYS ROCK!! Thanks to everyone for being the awesome people you are!!



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