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Sing a Song of Changes…

Sing a song of changes.
Sing a song of change.
If it rearranges,
Let it rearrange.

Entering a school for the first time since you graduated from Year 12 can be a bit of a shock to some parents. Sometimes the shock of what is happening and the unexpected changes is felt more by parents than our new Kindergarten students.

While most of us recognise that the world continues to change at an increasingly rapid pace, most adults who are to actively involved in education have a view of schooling that may have been preserved in our minds from our own experiences.

For better or for worse that image creates our expectations of what a school should look like, how it should operate and what it should do.

Sometimes change can be confronting, even if you are still involved in education in a governance role.

A few years ago I showed the headmaster (note the term) of a revered and old school around our campus and over lunch we talked about what we were doing at SCAS and what we were planning.

As we sat enjoying the view of the ocean at a well regarded Port Macquarie eatery (he was paying!) the headmaster asked “How do you get away with doing all this. At my school the alumni on the School Board look at everything new as if it was a betrayal of their beloved days at the school. You are so lucky!”

So, in 2019, what are we going to do to ensure that we stay “lucky”?

Some things will remain constant:

The aim of St Columba Anglican School is to be the most outstanding regional school in New South Wales.  It is the product of the vision of a community – to build a school with access to all who want their children to achieve the highest standards of education and behaviour.


St Columba Anglican School is founded on faith. The Christian ethos is present in its caring philosophy and its concern to produce educated leadership.  The School is a community school in the sense that its doors are open to all, so long as they are sympathetic to and support the School’s Christian foundation.

Some things will change as we chart our course towards sustainable educational excellence.

We are determined to view our School’s future and that of our students and graduates through a lens of ensuring that the education we offer is “fit for purpose”: i.e. It meets the current needs of our students and prepares them for a successful future.

A live School culture has a sense of adventure: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T. S. Eliot

In 2019, these are the goals we set for our school. We: 

  • recognise that the education we offer, while meeting government requirements is unique in culture, expectations and form. And we like it like that.
  • have the the conviction that we can set new records, defy norms, and change the world.
  • accept the harsh reality that excellence and greatness cannot be achieved without hours and hours of practice and hard work. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • will surround our students with the right team – staff and students. When you are talking about educational success, nobody does it alone.
  • will stay adaptable. The world keeps changing, so we have to be able to adapt our practices to the realities our students do and will face. Nothing ever happens exactly as planned, being able to change course is as important as knowing how to set one.
  • will be creative in our approach to education. The achievement of greatness never happens on a linear path. We must be open to new possibilities by trying new things.
  • will not be afraid of setting big goals. And as you achieve them, we will update them and make them increasingly ambitious.

If you find some of the things that happen at SCAS this year confronting, confusing or even frightening, please come and talk to us.

We are not crazy adopters of newest educational fads. We are a school that constantly seeks to use the very best in research, innovation and strategy to provide your child/children with the opportunity to be future focussed in a safe and supportive environment.

Mr Terry Muldoon
Principal, St Columba Anglican School
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