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To begin 2018, Year 5 investigated digital literacy and digital safety. These topics will continue as a theme throughout the science unit with an investigation into fake news.

Science and Technology in Term 1 is a project based learning unit “The Bizarre and the Cryptid”. We will be investigating adaptations of plants and animals, cryptids like the yeti and Loch Ness monster, rediscovering extinct animals such as the Night Parrot in Western Australia and animals that continue to intrigue us such as the Thylacine. We are lucky to have the expertise of Clare Chapman who will be leading the project based learning. We have started designing our own creature and will have to write a description of the adaptations our creature has to adjust to its environment.

Year 5 news


In English the novel study is Blueback by Tim Winton. This novel introduces an environmental theme to the studies which will be consistent across all learning areas throughout Term 1. Year 5 will be practising and refining writing skills and be investigating different styles of persuasive and narrative writing through stories, speeches, non-fiction, reviews and more.


In Maths we have been investigating partitioning of number, place value and addition and subtraction, 2D shapes. We are moving onto perimeter and area and implementing these skills by designing our own zoos and calculating the required enclosure sizes and perimeters for each species. This exciting project incorporates both Maths and the creative arts, in accordance with Science, Technology, Engineering, Science and Maths (STEAM) principles. We are looking forward to seeing some innovative zoo designs!


In geography we are working in a superclass which is all three classes together. Students can work with friends that are in other classes. Superclasses are proving valuable socially and there is a lot of independent research and tasks that students are working through. We are investigating bushfires and fire safety. Students worked in small groups to design fantastic TV advertisements which they performed last week. They are now experts in knowing how to prepare their houses for bushfire season.

Public Speaking

A speech will be completed in week 8. Students should continue to finalise speeches at home and practise their delivery. The time limit is 1:45-2:00 minutes. Points will be deducted for going under or over time. The 3 highest scoring students will present at a primary assembly.

Points are allocated for:

  • Structure /5
  • Content /5
  • Voice /5
  • Delivery /5
  • Engagement with Audience /5
  • Time /5

Year 5 news (2)

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