A Message from the Head of Secondary

As we gathered for our Secondary Awards assembly on Wednesday, a sense of pride filled the room. The recognition of a diverse range of students was truly remarkable, reflecting the depth of our curriculum and the integration of a Deep Learning culture within our school.

During the awards, I took the opportunity to emphasise the importance of purpose and growth. Purpose fuels our energy, and that energy propels our growth. My daily commitment stems from a genuine desire to witness every member of our community thrive, grow, and evolve into future leaders contributing to our community, churches, sporting groups, and families. My goal is to cultivate an ecosystem that fosters such growth. 

I followed this experience by attending a ‘My Learning Story’ presentation where a student shared their personal narrative of growth throughout the year. They discussed the goals they set, their successful progress, and reflected on the development of the 6C’s competencies. It was a testament to their journey toward a flourishing future.

St Columba has had another remarkable year. We maintained our academic standards while diligently developing and embedding our Deep Learning culture. Our students continue to demonstrate their capability to achieve amazing things.

As we concluded our final school assembly, I encouraged students to take time over the summer to refresh and recharge. I shared some of the activities I look forward to during the break, a family wedding, camping with my sons, fishing, kayaking, playing some chess, and I encouraged them to create their own list. I urged them to relax and prepare for the coming year, emphasising the importance of returning in 2024 knowing their purpose, and aligning it with our school’s values for continued growth.

To all families, I wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas, and I express my gratitude for your unwavering support of our school throughout the past year. Thank you and God bless,

Mr Paul Rikmanis
Head of Secondary School

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