A Peek into Primary Christian Studies

Have you ever heard the sound of 25 little voices singing ‘Bless the Lord oh my soul… 10,000 reasons for my heart to find’, or ‘Great Are You Lord’? This is the splendid sound you might hear in one of our Primary Christian Studies classes. It melts the heart.

Students come to Christian Studies lessons full of questions. Who created God? Why doesn’t God just come down and stop the wars? Many are questions that we as adults grapple with too. We’ve been thinking through how God always existed which blows our mind, and how the problems in this world point us to the hope that Jesus offers us and the hope that one day God will make everything new, that in heaven there will be no more tears or pain.

We also consider how we can be kind just like Jesus, as part of the ‘Be Kind’ Program. We are learning to be kind to ourselves, kind to others, kind to the environment. We talk about what this looks like in our classrooms, in our school and beyond.

In Stage 1, we love singing songs together. Some of our favourite songs are ‘My Lighthouse’ and ‘Jesus You’re My Superhero’. Many students have also been working hard to learn memory verses – they receive a dojo for each verse they remember.  In Year 6, students have been thinking about who Jesus is and why He is so special, and they have created some fabulous posters and presentations about Jesus.

Kindy students have been thinking about how God wants us to know Him and to be His friends, that He is a personal God. Students in Years 1 to 5 have enjoyed learning about people just like us in the Bible. People who make mistakes, people who go through experiences that at times seem unfair, but people who have an amazing God who loves them and whose goal is to rescue them. We are learning that God is at work amidst the messiness of life and that He offers us hope through our rescuer, Jesus.

We have two Primary Crusaders groups that meet each week to have fun, sing and pray together and learn more about God. We have written letters to the Barnett family over in Thailand, and to our Stage 1 Sponsor Child, Ratthaphum who lives in Thailand. We are learning to be the community kind, just like Jesus.


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