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CAPTURE 2019 was our inaugural Performing Arts Gala. Presented in three sessions showcasing student performances from Kindergarten to Year 12, this event was an amazing celebration, displaying the outcome of the hard work of our students in Curricular and Co-Curricular Performing Arts.

A selection of awards were also presented to students who have made a significant contribution and shown commitment to a range of Performing Arts activities offered at SCAS.

The following students were awarded ‘Standing Ovation Awards’ for outstanding participation, effort and attitude.

Standing Ovation for CircusRiley Cargill
Standing Ovation for CircusJames Brown
Standing Ovation for CircusMichael Vandoros
Standing Ovation for Stage 1 DanceMabel Strong
Standing Ovation for Stage 1 DanceMilton Finnecy
Standing Ovation for Sunshine VoiceCaitlin French
Standing Ovation for Sunshine VoicesBill Yonge
Standing Ovation for Stage 2 DanceAmelie Oliver
Standing Ovation for Stage 3 DanceMatthew Olsen
Standing Ovation for Primary DramaZalia Rose
Standing Ovation for Primary ChoirEliza Rose
Standing Ovation for Strings OrchestraSophie Aplin
Standing Ovation for 6-8 Concert BandLiliana Clarke
Standing Ovation for Senior Vocal ProgramAnnelise Turner
Standing Ovation for MusicLachlan Reck
Standing Ovation for DanceLyla Jamieson
Standing Ovation for Senior Vocal ProgramDylan Chin
Standing Ovation for Concert BandAnneke Oliver
Standing Ovation for 'Equinox' Big BandNathaniel Anderson
Standing Ovation for DanceChristopher Green
Standing Ovation for DanceHannah Smead
Standing Ovation for DanceAyva Eames
Standing Ovation for MusicTegan Secomb
Standing Ovation for MusicPenny Hilberts
Standing Ovation for Drama EnsembleKiera Johnson
Standing Ovation for DramaJoe Bollard
Standing Ovation for DramaKeira Roberts
Standing Ovation for DramaEthan Johnson
Standing Ovation for DramaEmily Reynolds
Standing Ovation for DramaAustin Burt

The following students were awarded Service Awards for maintained commitment to Co-Curricular groups:

4 years service to Concert BandRemy Bucton
5 years service to Drama EnsembleChristopher Palin
6 years service to Secondary Co-Curricular DanceAnnabelle Jones
6 years service to Secondary Co-Curricular DanceNatalie Searle
6 Years Service to Secondary Co-Curricular Vocal ProgramMatthew Hingston
6 Years Service to Secondary Co-Curricular Vocal ProgramMelanie Jenkins
6 Years Service to Secondary Co-Curricular Vocal ProgramCaleesia Miller
6 Years Service to Secondary Co-Curricular Vocal ProgramChristopher Palin
6 Years Service to Secondary Co-Curricular Vocal ProgramNatalie Searle
6 Years Service to Secondary Co-Curricular Vocal ProgramAbby-Rose Koch
6 Years Service to Secondary Co-Curricular Vocal ProgramJoseph Stanley
6 Years Service to Secondary Co-Curricular Vocal ProgramZoe de Lepervanche

Five major awards were presented to the following students.

2019 Dance Award – Zoe Brennan

Zoe has been involved in Year 11 Dance Elective, Co-Curricular Dance Stream and Touring Dance Stream. She performed for a Core Composition and a Major Study Film for one of our Year 12 students this year with all rehearsals during her own time including long breaks, short breaks and weekends. She is the definition of commitment and hard work. Zoe has made quite an impression in her first year at SCAS as a role model for many Dance students. Congratulations Zoe.

2019 Drama Award – Christopher Palin

Christopher has consistently been involved with Drama since he started in Year 7 with sustained membership to both the Junior and Senior Drama Ensembles, performing at the Port Macquarie Hastings Drama Eisteddfod, SCAS Presentation Nights and Drama Gala nights. He has studied elective Drama since Year 9 and was a Senior Drama leader in 2018. Christopher has always supported and encouraged Drama at SCAS through volunteering to MC, mentoring and advocating the many opportunities he has had through being involved in Drama. Congratulations Chris.

2019 Music Award – Gregory Mitchell

Gregory has been a committed member of Senior Choir, Chamber Choir and Man Shed over many years. He performed in and co-vocal directed Matilda and has been involved in student tutoring. Greg has been a valuable leader and role model in all the ensembles and activities he has been involved in as well as supporting several HSC ensemble performances. His solo performances have been a highlight of many of the SCAS showcases.

2019 Triple Threat Award – Natalie Searle

Natalie has contributed to a minimum of three Performing Arts disciplines. She has been part of Dance Elective, Co-Curricular Dance, Touring Dance, Music Elective, Stage Band, Senior Choir, Intombi Zicula and Entertainment Industry Elective with hours of backstage work at events over the past two years. She is dedicated, hard-working and highly deserving of this award.

2019 Culture Award – Matthew Hingston

In 2019 Matthew has made an outstanding contribution to music and productions. Matthew has been technical and backstage support. He is involved in all music ensembles. Matthew comes to school early, 5 days a week to rehearse. He has been an ambassador on the New York trip and Man Shed trip to Grafton. He always has a positive attitude and approach. Matthew has had a major leadership role in Man Shed and has been a positive role model in all other ensembles. Matthew received an Encore nomination for HSC performance in Music 1.

Congratulations to all performers, awardees and staff involved.

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