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Google Meet — Secondary School Information

To enhance student learning and engagement we have moved toward implementing Google Meet across the Secondary School. Please find a full explanation of this platform below, including the necessary protocols for participation.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is Google’s video conferencing software. All of our students have automatic access as a part of their SCAS G Suite of applications. It’s similar to other commercial video chat services, in that it allows an entire classroom to connect with their teacher in real-time. It includes features such as internal chat and screen sharing so students can see what the teachers are presenting on their screens.

How Google Meet works

Students will receive either a calendar invite or a URL to connect to the Google Hangout. People without the direct link or URL are unable to join the meet session. There are student protocols for joining the session that have been shared with students through their existing Google Classrooms. The intention for these sessions is strictly for students, and any parent communication is to only take place through email or telephone with the teacher.

How will we use it?

Years 11 and 12
Teachers will use the platform every lesson with students. Students are expected to maintain their academic timetable and attend all lessons as scheduled. Attendance at each of these lessons is maintained through roll marking. 

Years 7 to 10
Teachers will use the platform once a week for each subject in a regular timetabled class time.  Google Meet is used as a means of ‘check-in’ with our students, along with it being a tool to support teaching and learning. Students are expected to connect with their teachers in these sessions. Staff will maintain attendance, and a parent will be contacted should students not be keeping up with academic and attendance expectations.

Furthermore, Years 7 to 10 students will be expected to connect to wellbeing sessions with their Tutors twice a week. 

Student Agreement — Remote Learning

1. Never share the Google Meet code (or invite other people from outside of SCAS) with students from outside your immediate class members. This is moderated and can be blocked by the teacher within the Meet session.

2. In Google Meet classrooms there are expectations:

  • Focus, engage and participate.
  • Treat the session like any normal school day.
  • Manners are expected as is your standard of attire and attention.
  • Students should ensure that what is seen in the background of their video is appropriate for public viewing, i.e. they should be seated at a desk, in an office or suitable household space.
  • You are expected for the duration of the lesson. This IS NOT an opportunity to check-in and leave.

3. Notify the classroom teacher for any technical problems immediately.

What do we need from you?

If you have an immediate concern you should contact your child’s Year Patron directly. Please discuss with your child(ren) the protocols for participating in this platform.

Kind regards,

Mr Daniel Zavone
Director of STEAM

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