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Keeping it Safe Online

In light of current events now would be a pertinent time to review how safe your children are online. 

Do you have filtering software installed on devices?
The online world is a place where innocuous searches and browsing can reveal content that is inappropriate for children to see without quality internet filtering software and settings in place. This software, alongside parent monitoring, can minimise the exposure of children to this content. No filtering software is completely foolproof, but it is certainly recommended to assist to keep children safe online.

Where do your children use devices?
It is extremely important that children only use devices in a common area of the home. Devices should not be kept in or used in their bedrooms. 

What social media platforms are your children on?
The minimum age for social media platforms is 13 years of age. This means that no Primary School child should be on social media platforms. If they are, they have lied about their age. This age limit is in place to protect children as they are not yet at a stage of development where they are able to interact in this environment positively.

What are Privacy Settings?
It is very important to ensure privacy settings are in place to protect students. This YouTube clip “Jigsaw” illustrates the dangers of the internet and the fact that children do not behave the same way online as they do in person.

Do your children understand how to communicate respectfully online?
This seems like a silly question, but it has been shown that children interacting with others in a non face to face environment will behave in a manner that is not in line with how they normally behave. It is extremely important for children to understand how non face to face communication is different and how they need to communicate in this environment.

Parenting in this day and age is very different and only by walking alongside your children and learning how to keep them safe online can we assist them to become positive online citizens. 

For more information here is a fantastic link from the eSafety Commissioner regarding tips to make the internet safer for children.

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