Planning for the future

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”  – Sir Winston Churchill. 

The best learning takes place in a great learning environment, which is why the School has been committed to constantly improving the quality of our campus and its facilities.

St Columba Anglican School has been on its current site since 2002.

In its earliest years, the School developed a Master Plan to guide its development.

This Master Plan has largely been delivered.

To continue our quest to offer the very best in education in a great learning environment, the School Council has now commissioned a new Master Plan to guide us in how the School might evolve over the next ten years.

The Master Plan will guide the School in any future growth and development and take account of the changing nature of education and the delivery of teaching and learning.

To lead the development of  the new master plan, St Columba Anglican School Council has engaged a leading international architecture and design firm, Thomson Adsett, to prepare a new plan for the School. Thomson Adsett were chosen after a competitive tender process. They have studios throughout Australia with their Education Studio based in Brisbane. Their work in the education sector is very well regarded and ranges from innovative building design to master planning for schools and universities. 

The development of a successful Master Plan begins with clearly identifying the key aspects of the Shool’s culture and the challenges it will face in maintaining its quality of education. 

In undertaking its work, Thomson Adsett will consult with a variety of stakeholders, including the School Council, School leadership, staff, students and parents. They will use the information gained from these consultations to form the basis of our Master Plan. 

Underpinning the plan will be such concepts as an analysis of the use of our facilities, best practice in other exceptional schools and educational facilities and their reflections on how spaces are used or might be used to the greatest effect.

Members of the Thomson Adsett team have already visited the campus and begun their observations, and made preliminary contact with a number of School community groups. 

When completed, the Master Plan will address a variety of issues including road, access and building, and will map a way towards a more modern and sustainable campus in the years ahead.

This will  allow us to continue to build on the School’s continuous commitment to excellence in education.

We are confident that the new Master Plan will equip us with a clear vision for how we can best offer an excellent 21st Century education and will allow us to travel with confidence into the future.

We look forward to sharing regular updates with our school community as the Master Plan progresses.

Terry Muldoon

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