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Standing Out and Outstanding

“Humans, as social beings, tend to conform to society. That is, acting like most people in a specific group in order to either gain social acceptance. It’s often easier to blend into the crowd and do as people expect, you are then in danger of being one thing. Forgettable.”

After being at  St Columba for over a decade, I have decided that there is something about our SCAS graduates that makes them stand out.

Now I know that in an “egalitarian” society it can be socially dangerous to stand out.

 I am also aware that in some parts of Australia followers of the “tall poppy syndrome” still delight in taking those who dare to aspire down a few pegs.

However, I am glad our graduates do stand out.

They stand out because of their character, their sense of community, their willingness to take on opportunities that often masquerade as hard work and, of course, their excellent academic, sporting and creative achievements.

I am not alone in recognising these qualities.

I am often reminded by our staff how proud they are to be involved in the evolution of a timid Kindergarten student into a confident, socially responsible and well rounded graduate.

I am reminded by local business owners how much they respect the young people from St Columba who work part-time for them. Words like reliable, honest, cheerful and hardworking are common descriptors.

I know our universities respect our students, often offering them places in courses, based on their skills, willingness to learn, self-discipline, community service and their leadership potential.

The Honour Board in the School’s Front Reception tells the stories of some of the successes our students have achieved while they have beens students of St Columba. What this board does not tell is how successful our students have been in making the transition from school success to “real life” success.

Thankfully, we hear the stories from their peers, parents and employers, that confirm that our students not only leave us with great qualifications, but also an attitude that life is for living, all achievements are possible with hard work and that opportunity seems to come to those who welcome it and are willing to step up.

SCAS Graduates will:

  • Display, by their words and actions, a positive, Christian view of the world and their place in it.
  • Understand that while they should be valued as an individual, their willingness to serve their community, now and in the future, will be a key to their continued growth.
  • Have been shaped by the ethos and actions of the school and in turn, have played a role in the evolution of the school community towards greatness.
  • Have been offered access to an education that not only allowed them to reach their academic potential but also provided them with the access to the knowledge and skills required to successfully enter the next phase of their lives as lifelong learners who are erudite, optimistic and disciplined.
  • Understand the vital nature of change in the world and are prepared to face this reality with confidence and resilience.
  •  Be exposed to and given the opportunity to develop such 21st Century skills as agility, creativity and an ability to work collaboratively with others.
  • Have developed leadership skills so that by their great and small actions, they will have the potential to make the world a better place.

Terry Muldoon

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