Dr Janine Stewart an ambassador for national Maths campaign

In 2016, SCAS Senior Mathematics teacher and Year 12 Patron, Dr Janine Stewart, received a CHOOSEMATHS teaching award for Excellence. She has a PhD in the area of nonlinear partial differential equations.

CHOOSEMATHS is a five-year national program backed by The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and the BHP Billiton Foundation, which empowers Australian students to pursue mathematics.

Mathematics is essential to an increasing number of jobs and growing industries, and it is imperative that students are made aware of what these jobs are, and the kind of skills that they employ. CHOOSEMATHS are running a three-year campaign to highlight these career options, and Janine has been chosen as one of 12 ambassadors nationwide.

Mathematics is the common component of humanity’s shared culture, a universal language that empowers us to become problem solvers in a world fraught with problems such as climate change, food security and health care.
Mathematics can tackle these. Ultimately though, maths is just a really fun thing to do. – Dr Janine Stewart
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