SCAS Community has the Spirit of Generosity

The SCAS community have put in a generous effort to gather resources to donate to the Hastings Women’s and Children’s Refuge.

The Hastings Women’s and Children’s Refuge provides security and peace to women and children who have suffered from domestic violence and feel threatened in their own homes. These children and women often flee their homes in emergencies, and therefore don’t have time to gather the basic necessities needed for leaving home.

Staff and the Student Leadership Committee called upon the SCAS community to collect brand new toiletries from hotel rooms, which were donated to the Hastings Women’s and Children’s Refuge. The Primary and Secondary leaders made emergency care packs with toiletry items including body wash, female hygiene products and shampoos, donated by the students of SCAS. Our SCAS community was able to contribute to making the lives of these women and children a little bit easier and more comfortable, by simply supplying hygiene products that many of us take for granted.

The response of students was wonderfully heartwarming. So many toiletries were supplied, that they wouldn’t fit in our storage space! The Student Leadership Committee is extremely proud of, and would like to sincerely thank the Primary and Secondary SCAS community, who have generously supported this initiative and improved the lives of women and children who don’t have the comforts and luxuries that many of us take for granted.

School Captain, Alexandra Hawes

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