Year 7 and 8 Study Skills

During Wellbeing time throughout the year, students have been encouraged to develop a homework and study program to complement their academic program at school. 

Today, Year 7 and 8 students spent time reviewing study skills. The session outlined the specific skill of notetaking and exam techniques.

A study skill booklet has also been placed on their Year Group Google Classroom page and a copy can be found here. The booklet is suited for everyone. For those who already have good study habits, this booklet will reinforce what they already know and for those who struggle, this booklet will hopefully provide some guidance to increase motivation, commitment and effort in class and at home. This booklet looks at the what, how and why we study as well as identifying and tackling the hurdles that get in the way of a good study routine. As a school, we value good learning and we hope that this resource will assist you.

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