Illuminate:nextgen Challenge

Ever wondered what it takes to become an entrepreneur? This group of SCAS students will happily tell you!

A group of young entrepreneurs from our Year 10 Commerce class have taken to Charles Sturt University for this year’s Illuminate:nextgen Challenge. 

The Illuminate:nextgen Challenge is an intensive education program, designed by Australian entrepreneur Adam Mostogl, that requires students to work in teams to complete a series of hands-on tasks and activities that are key to developing strong business ideas and getting a new business up and running.

Our students learnt how to develop solutions to issues within their community and the world through exploring the root challenges and researching them, brainstorming solutions, and then refining these solutions.

Year 10 student Jinuki Senanayake attended the program and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“At school I study commerce and I did that because it seemed like a subject that would equip me for life after school,” Jinuki said.

“It is an interesting thing to be able to look at a real-world problem and I am glad I can participate in the challenge.

“I am excited to build our business idea and then have to pitch it to everyone. We have had to brainstorm what idea we think will work best which is something else I have enjoyed.”

Jinuki Senanayake and Hayley Whitworth partway through brainstorming their business idea. 
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