Primary Visit Senior STEM Classes

While our Secondary students were enjoying Camp Week, some of our Primary classes utilised our Secondary resources and staff to experience Senior Science and Art classes.

Students were given the opportunity to use various mediums in the art room such as creating 3D forms using wooden plinths, plaster bandage and cardboard shapes. Other years used styrofoam to create scratch board prints where they created a design on a piece of styrofoam tray, scratched it out using a pen or pencil and then using acrylic paint printed this image onto paper. 2J had completed a study on ocean life and habitats and therefore created air dry clay turtles. Students were introduced to methods and tools for constructing clay objects such as kneading and scoring the clay using butter knives to achieve surface patterns and textures.

The Primary School classes enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Secondary Science laboratories to explore their current topics in science. Year 1 investigated the stretchability of rubber bands using retort stands and slotted masses. Year 2 enjoyed investigating the properties of water by carrying out various experiments with a variety of science equipment. Year 3 extended their knowledge of heating and cooling by investigating the rate at which coloured ice cubes melt in various temperatures of water. Year 4 learnt how to use microscopes and observed and drew a variety of plant and animal cells. Finally, to finish their investigations this term into weather, Year 6 enjoyed constructing anemometers and testing them to determine wind speed.

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