Welcome to 2020 from the Head of Secondary

At the beginning of this week, we welcomed our Year 7 cohort, as well as our Year 11 and Year 12 students. For Year 7, first day activities centred on orientation activities; navigating new buildings and facilities in the Secondary School, games designed to strengthen established friendship bonds and forge potentially new ones. There was also a Peer Support session with the Year 11 students. The Peer Support Program has been running in schools for 18 years and assists students in developing practical skills to enhance social and emotional wellbeing. I look forward to meeting individuals and watching the cohort embrace ‘the world of opportunities’ that SCAS prides itself on providing.

For our Senior students, there was little time for complacency as lessons started almost immediately on day one. Year 11 and their parents spent the afternoon learning about the importance of assessment for the HSC, as well as the concept of GRIT, creating a routine and study plan, and being consistent in their approach to learning. Assessment tasks, and the feedback they provide to the students, are vitally important in ensuring that learning is taking place. If you were unable to come to this event, the presentation will be made available next week on Explain SCAS. Hopefully, they will hit the ground running.

On Wednesday, we welcomed everyone back with our first whole School Assembly and it was here that the theme for the year was introduced – ‘What you do matters’.  The School Chaplain, Rev. Paul Hodge, spoke about the importance of School Culture. A positive school culture provides a safe, supportive, encouraging, inviting, and challenging environment for students and staff, which in turn allows students’ academic achievement to evolve. Deputy Principal, Mr Allan Guihot, welcomed our student body back for the year, and I touched on the importance of first impressions. You only get the chance to make one first impression and I challenged the student body to always keep that in mind whether it be in relation to learning in the classroom, spending time in the wider community, on the sporting field and in the playground with their fellow students.

I look forward to the year ahead and sharing that journey with the SCAS community.

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